Oh My Gosh! Caught In The AD!!!

„Oh my gosh! Caught in the AD“

We don’t want to make people that frequent Munich ́s high end shopping avenue jealous about some refurbished materials in an extraordinary place.

No, we want to make them aware about themselves and ourselves and the world that we are living in.

And yes, we want them to be jealous about the the conversations and the exchange and all the opportunities one can have in these street besides buying.
We want them to join the people with their little living slots. Drinking tea and eating a cake that they did and talking about anything and everything.

Each housing unit does have a rainwater collector and a little sink. During the day inhabitants use the toilets from restaurants and shops and have also the option to get food for free there.
At night they have a foldable toilet. Showers in bath cloth the can have in the Kammerspiele theater. Electricity is provided from during the day from the shops.

The slots are made out of refurbished materials from leftover of carpenter workshops.
The idea is to ask in these very expensive street the shops to pay for the extra advertisement in front of their shop so that a entire village of these informal housing slots can develop.
The spirit of several housing slots will give the street an entire new atmosphere.